Another commission done of Chris’ character from his animated short.

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Lawrence Schiller - Marilyn (Color 2 Frame 29)


I like people who are learning to like themselves. Support people on the path to self confidence.


Trivia Tuesday from BLM Montana

Pompeys Pillar National Monument is home to Captain William Clark’s signature carved into a sand stone butte along the Yellowstone River in 1806. Clark’s inscription is still the only remaining physical evidence along the route of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. - My Public Lands Magazine

During his return trip to St. Louis, William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition climbed the Pillar and carved his signature and the date in the sandstone. Clark wrote, “This rock I ascended and from its top had a most extensive view in every direction on the Northerly Side of the river high romantic Cliffs approach & jut over the water for Some distance both above and below…I marked my name and the day of the month and year.”

While archaeological digs and other recent research have uncovered artifacts that may have been left by the Corps of Discovery, Clark’s inscription is still the only remaining physical evidence of Lewis and Clark’s passing visible on their actual route. This historic carving on the sandstone butte that Clark called a “remarkable rock” has inspired generations of visitors for more than 100 years.

Pompeys Pillar National Monument in Montana, a part of the BLM’s National Conservation Lands, was proclaimed a national monument in January 2001. Prior to its monument status, it was a designated national historic landmark in 1965. It is located along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. Learn more:

Photos by Bob Wick, BLM


Austen with his horse, Princess. by Tasha Marie

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You might see a blue star, for example, and realize only later it has a white dwarf as a companion —

that first one shines so bright, by the time you notice the second one, it’s really too late.

— Favourite quote from My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult (via doriimer)


 Anthony Samaniego


A poetic and artful umbrella, Komorebi is based on a Japanese expression that approximately translates to “sunshine filtering through foliage.”



Adamantred and I had a collab and LOOK AT HOW AMAZING!!

Red did the colors, I did the lines! c: